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1- Department of Plant Protection Sari Agricultural Science and Nature Resources University, Sari, Mazandaran, Iran.
2- Associate professorDepartment of Plant ProtectionSari Agricultural Science and Nature Resources Universitym.shayanmehr@sanru.ac.irShayanm30@yahoo.comSari, Mazandaran, Iran, Po. Box. 578Tel:+981133687567Fax:+981133687567 , Shayanm30@yahoo.com
3- Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Islamic Azad University, Arak branch, Arak, 38135-567, Iran.
4- Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, Department of Ecology, L’viv, Ukraine.
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The focus of this study was to extend investigations on Collembola fauna in parts of Hyrcanian forests - Hezarjirib forests, located near Neka in Mazandaran province. For this, irregular samplings from leaf litter and soil in different localities were done during 2020–2021. The springtail specimens were extracted by Berlese funnel and after permanent slide mounting identified by relevant taxonomic keys. It resulted in the identification of 25 species belonging to eight families and 19 genera. Three species including Hypogastrura papillata Gisin, 1949 (Hypogastruridae), Lepidocyrtus bicoloris Mateos, 2012 (Entomobryidae) and Folsomia trisetata Jordana & Ardanaz, 1981 (Isotomidae) were recorded for the first time from Iran. Brief information for each species including the material studied, distribution and some illustrations of the new records are given.

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Article Type: Research Article | Subject: Biodiversity
Received: 2022/02/9 | Accepted: 2022/04/25 | Published: 2022/07/9

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