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Ebrahimi N. Checklist of Iranian stored product beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera). J. Insect Biodivers. Syst 2020; 6 (3) :261-305
URL: http://jibs.modares.ac.ir/article-36-40211-en.html
Entomology Research Department, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Tehran, Iran , n.ebrahimi@iripp.ir
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An extensive literature review was performed to determine the list of stored product beetles reported from Iran. A total of 122 species of stored product beetles belonging to 59 genera and 45 tribes have been recorded in Iran. Species–richest families are Dermestidae (24 species) and Tenebrionidae (24 species), followed by Chrysomelidae (15 species), Cryptophagidae (13 species), Ptinidae (10  species), Curculionidae  (6 species), Staphylinidae (4 species), Nitidulidae (4 species), Bostrichidae (3 species), Laemophloeidae (3 species), Silvanidae (3 species), Trogossitidae (2 species), Anthicidae (2 species), Cleridae (2 species) and seven families are monospecific: Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Anthribidae, Erotylidae, Latridiidae, Melyridae and Mycetophagidae. The present study is not only a faunistic report but also help in design and development of integrated pest management of stored product beetles.
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Article Type: Review Paper | Subject: Taxonomy/Coleoptera
Received: 2020/01/27 | Accepted: 2020/06/16 | Published: 2020/06/29

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